With Gum Recession Treatment in Chapel Hill, NC

Do your gums seem like they are pulling back from your teeth? That’s not good, but the team at Meadowmont Dentistry has a workable solution for you. Our gum recession treatment in Chapel Hill can quickly stop the unfolding damage and restore your gum health ASAP. With our assistance, you can expect to:

  • Eliminate tooth sensitivity
  • Enjoy eating again
  • Prevent further problems (like tooth or bone loss)
  • Reclaim your oral health
  • Restore your gums’ healthy appearance

You don’t have to live with damaged gums when you partner with Meadowmont Dentistry. Call us at 919-969-9330 today to schedule your consultation. Alternatively, you can contact us online at any time.


We don’t mean to alarm you, but receding gums are no joke. You see, eventually your gums will pull away and result in tooth decay, tooth loss, and bone loss. It doesn’t have to come to that, though. In fact, that’s one more compelling reason why it’s essential to visit us twice a year for those regular cleanings and exams.

If we see that anything is amiss in your mouth during your checkup, like the beginning stages of gum recession, we can quickly take action before it is too late. You can trust that whatever is going on, we will come up with an individualized treatment plan for you and your unique needs.

The steps required to reverse your situation are pretty straightforward. Normally, when gum recession is going on, we will:

  • Remove a small section of gum tissue and re-attach it elsewhere in the places where gums have receded.
  • After a short healing period, your gums will start to look and feel natural again.
  • Your teeth will experience less sensitivity, and you’ll have less to worry about in regards to exposed tooth roots (i.e. cavities).

Call us right away at 919-969-9330 if you suspect your gum health is deteriorating. Our gum recession treatment in Chapel Hill can get you back on track fast.