Intraoral Scanning with the iTero Scanner


The iTero scanner produces 3-D colorized images quickly that can be used to improve patient benefits by streamlining workflow. Digital scanners speed up dental treatments by capturing optical impressions and eliminating the need for traditional messy impressions that are unpleasant for the patient take much more time to acquire. 


iTero Digital Impressions Transcript

Hi, I’m Dr. Corey Wilson here at Meadowmont Dentistry. And I want to take just a moment to talk to you today about our latest bit of technology that our patients are absolutely raving about. Now, here at Meadowmont, we actually have a lot of really cool technology that helps give a great patient experience. We have Cone Beam Three-Dimensional Imaging, intraoral cameras, digital x-rays, lasers; we’ve got a lot of cool stuff. But today I want to talk about a very specific technology called iTero. So thanks to iTero, patients no longer have to choke on goopy, gagging impressions like this.

I mean, there’s no wonder why most patients don’t love impressions at all or at least not traditional impressions. Again, iTero allows us to digitally capture much more accurately and quickly and easier for the patient what normally would take this going into the patient’s mouth for at least five, six, maybe seven minutes. Yeah, I think we’ll throw this in the trash. So here at Meadowmont, iTero is our go-to solution for almost all our procedures that involve any type of impressions. And that ranges from crowns and bridges, veneers, Invisalign, and implants, even partials, dentures, ortho retainers, you name it. There’s almost nothing that iTero cannot do. So with iTero in three minutes or less, we can achieve full mouth digital impressions for any of those procedures that we just mentioned. Again, traditional impressions would easily take 10 to 15 minutes to accomplish that same thing.

Let’s go take a look at the iTero in action. The first feature that I want to show is actually what the digital impression itself looks like on the screen. So this is a great way for us to show patients their team in ways that they’ve never seen them before. Just a really nice, powerful tool to help educate patients and help them understand what’s really going on in their mouths. So the second feature we call the occlusal gram. So the colors that you see help show where patients are biting, and also give us an idea of just how hard they’re biting as well. So this next feature, I think, is my favorite. This is the Invisalign simulation feature. And as you can see with this, we’re able to show the patients exactly how their teeth are going to move and what the final position is going to be. So this fourth and final feature we call time-lapse. At a patient’s first visit, we’ll often take a scan, and then on a yearly basis we’ll take another followup of scans.

This helps us monitor for incremental small changes, like tooth wear, gum recession, and even tooth movements, which can be very important. So I think you’ll agree, iTero is pretty awesome. Here in Meadowmont, it lets us take exceptional care of our patients and deliver more accurate crowns, bridges, appliances, and things. Patient comfort is greatly improved. Turnaround time is much better. Patients are getting what they want and what they need really fast. And we can not do that without iTero. It really allows us to give our patients the great experience and high quality dentistry that they need and deserve.