By joining the Meadowmont Dental Health Plan you will save on costs while you invest in your dental health and your beautiful smile!

Works Like Dental Insurance

        ONLY BETTER!



Easy Payment Options

We will work with you to find a payment option that works best for you.

A Wide Range of Services

From basic checkups to orthopedics to dental implants, we will have you covered.

The Latest Technology

Each visit will be both time-efficient and cost effective for you, thanks to our ongoing investments

Drs. Corey Wilson & Scott Winokur

The Meadowmont Dentistry team is committed to providing the families of Chapel Hill and the surrounding communities continuing care to ensure their dental health, and restorative and cosmetic solutions so that all patients of our practice can be proud to show off their healthy, happy smile.


Annual Adult Dental Health Costs:

Out of Pocket……………………………..$974 MDHP………………………………………$425

Out of Pocket……………………………..$852 MDHP………………………………………$275

PLUS, savw 15% on restorative and cosmetic treatments with no deductibles and limits when you become a member.

Annual Child Dental Health Costs:


Simplifies Your Care


Meadowmont Dentistry believes everyone deserves access to great oral health care. It’s why we meet patients where they are to help them achieve their goals, whether they regularly attend their six-month checkups or haven’t been to the dentist in years. One way we make your care more accessible is through our Meadowmont Dental Health Plan in Chapel Hill. You’ll love our plan because there are:

  • No waiting periods
  • No deductibles
  • No pre-authorizations
  • No coverage limits
  • No missing tooth clause or restrictions
  • No restrictions on cosmetic dentistry or orthodontia

Below are a few details about our affordable membership plan. For more information and to sign up your family, call our office at 919-969-9330 today.


The Meadowmont Dental Health Plan is available to both new and existing patients. It’s also conveniently available to patients with or without insurance, so you’re not limited if you’re not under an insurance plan, though the dental health plan cannot be combined with insurance or other discounts.

For adults (age 15+), the plan is $425 per year (save 15% on all dental treatments). Your annual fee includes:

  • Two dental cleanings
  • Two dental exams
  • Two fluoride treatments
  • One set bitewing X-rays
  • Full mouth and panoramic X-rays if needed
  • Velscope oral cancer screening
  • One emergency exam with X-rays
  • 15% off other in-office restorative and cosmetic services

For children, it is $275 per year (save 15% on all all dental treatments). Your annual fee includes:

  • Two dental cleanings
  • Two dental exams
  • Two fluoride treatments
  • One set of bitewing X-rays
  • Panoramic X-ray (one/36 months > age 7)
  • One limited emergency exam (if needed)
  • 15% off other in-office restorative and cosmetic services

Services included in the 15% discount:

  • Fillings and restorations
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Root canals
  • Extractions
  • Dentures/partials
  • Dental implants
  • Invisalign
  • In-office teeth whitening
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Periodontal maintenance
  • Periodontal therapy (scaling and root planing)
  • Nightguards
  • Snore appliances
  • Additional preventive care (such as exams exceeding the two per period maximum)

Once your membership is complete, you can start enjoying the benefits immediately and without worrying about any restrictive pre-existing condition clauses as you would find with most other major insurance plans.


For all questions about our dental health plan or to enroll, just contact our office by phone at 919-969-9330. You can also come see us in person, and a knowledgeable member of our team will get you set up quickly and easily.

Limitations and Exclusions

  • Participation cannot be used in conjunction with a dental insurance policy and cannot be combined with any other discount or financing including CareCredit.
  • Annual Premiums for each family member are non-refundable. Even if the plan benefits are not fully utilized during the participation period. No refunds will be given for cancellations.
  • Enrollment Date beings on the first date of use and provides coverage for 12 months to the date. Enrollment is available on a yearly basis only. The program renews each year and the current applicable Annual Premium must be paid on the renewal date for benefits to renew. Rates are subject to change annually.
  • Program benefits may only be applied to work performed at Meadowmont Dentistry and cannot be applied to any specialist to whom we refer. They will not honor this discount.
  • Any costs associated with dental treatment is expected to be paid in full at the time of service to receive the 15% discount. Any service not paid for at the time of service will be billed at our standard non-discounted rate.
  • The included exam, x-rays, cleanings, and fluoride must occur within the 12-month period of enrollment and cannot be carried over to the next enrollment period.
  • It is the patient’s/parent’s responsibility to make and keep appointments for his/her family members. A broken appointment fee of $75 will be incurred for each broken appointment without a 48-hour advanced notice.
  • Plans are not transferable to another party or uncovered family members.
  • All fees shall be based on our practice’s usual, customary, and reasonable fees, which are subject to change, and not any other dental insurance plan’s fees.
  • This plan cannot be used in Workers’ Compensation Treatment Plans or with any dental treatment needed as a result of an injury where a lawsuit is involved.
  • Benefit coverage is effective for participants who remain enrolled in the plan throughout the entire duration of recommended treatment. If enrollment expires before treatment is completed, coverage is no longer available.