Endodontic Procedures & Root Canals

“Endodontics” involves treating the sensitive soft tissues inside of teeth. These “soft pulp” tissues contain blood vessels, connective tissues, and high numbers of nerve cells, making them critical to a tooth’s health and function. Root canals are one of the more common endodontic procedures, treating painful infections and inflammation that can develop in a tooth’s soft pulp. At Meadowmont Dentistry, we can relieve the intense pain caused by tooth infections while repairing the base structure of infected teeth to prevent dangerous abscesses and future infections. In most cases, our endodontic skills enable patients to keep teeth that may otherwise require removal if an infection is left unchecked.

What to expect with root canal surgeries

If you’re in need of a root canal procedure, you’re likely in a good deal of pain. These deep-tissue infections can make it difficult to eat, drink, sleep, concentrate, or relax, so our team understands that you may be on edge when you come to use for an endodontic treatment. That’s why we’ve worked to make our office the most welcoming, relaxing environment possible, and we’ve built the friendliest, most caring team around. With us, you can expect to be treated with compassion and put at ease ahead of your root canal.


The most common cause of soft pulp infections that require root canal treatments is untreated dental cavities. As decay extends deeper and deeper in a tooth, extending through the enamel and then the underlying dentin layers, it will eventually reach the soft pulp tissue and allow bacteria to enter this sensitive area. Once there, it can thrive and infect a tooth down through the root and even into the surrounding jaw bone tissue. Bacteria can also infect the soft pulp tissue via chips and cracks caused by impact or trauma. Extensive dental work on a tooth can lead to these infections as well, in very rare cases.


Root canal treatments are actually quite routine, effective, and reliable. During a root canal, we carefully drill a small hole down into the tooth to remove any decay and access the infected soft pulp tissue. Then, we remove the dead and dying soft pulp all the way down to the base of the root, as far as the infection extends. Once the tooth’s empty canal chambers are cleaned and disinfected, we fill them with an inert material and then use a standard tooth-colored filling to seal the tooth and prevent future infections. Your discomfort should subside within a few short days following your procedure, and you should be fully recovered within a week or two.

Root canal procedures don’t cause pain

It’s a surprisingly common misconception related to root canals. Instead of causing pain, these procedures relieve it! If you have tooth pain, gum sensitivity and swelling, or trouble biting down, don’t hesitate to seek treatment. Delaying an endodontic procedure can lead to far greater pain and even cause your tooth to need full removal and replacement if left unchecked for too long. The Meadowmont Dentistry team is here to help you relieve your pain and save your infected teeth from further damage in the future.