Gum Reshaping

Fix Your Gummy Smile With Gum Reshaping in Chapel Hill

A gummy smile can make your teeth look too small and your smile seem out of balance. But Dr. Wilson and our team at Meadowmont Dentistry can fix that with gum reshaping in Chapel Hill, NC!

Our gummy smile procedure is a surprisingly simple way to:

  • Adjust and even out your gumline
  • Expose more of your teeth
  • Give your smile balance and sophistication
  • Prepare you for other cosmetic dental treatments
  • Improve your look and boost your confidence

Are you ready to have a more balanced, attractive smile? Then call us today at 919-969-9330 to schedule an appointment.

Correct An Overwhelming Gumline & Let Your Teeth Shine

There’s no secret mathematical formula for determining the perfect gum-to-teeth ratio that suits every smile. In terms of cosmetics, it doesn’t really matter how much is too much when it comes to your gums. If you see your smile and feel insecure about your overwhelming gums, that’s all it takes to explore your dental treatment options.

Reshaping your gums is a simple process thanks to our advanced technology. In the past, this procedure used to require a scalpel, cutting, and stitching, but not anymore! We use modern dental lasers at Meadowmont Dentistry that make gum treatment easier and more comfortable than ever. Since there is no cutting and stitching of your gum tissues, your healing and recovery process is significantly faster, allowing you to make a dramatic improvement without having to wait long at all before you can start showing off your beautifully symmetrical smile!

Address Other Aspects Of Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

Another reason to choose treatment for your gummy smile is so you can make other visual improvements to your teeth. We offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry options, but you may like these services to put the perfect finishing touch on your smile after reshaping your gums:

Just because the feature you dislike most about your smile has little, or nothing at all, to do with your teeth doesn’t mean you won’t find the right solution at our dentist office! Let your teeth get all the attention when you smile! Call 919-969-9330 to schedule an appointment for gum reshaping in Chapel Hill.

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