Maintain Your Smile and Oral Health with Preventative Dentistry

It’s difficult to work dental appointments for you and everyone in your family’s busy schedule. That’s why we offer dental care that is accessible for patients of all ages, and we will always be available when you need us most.

Preventive dental care is key to keeping your teeth healthy throughout the course of your life. It requires a combination of routine hygienist visits for check-ups and teeth cleanings, along with good habits, like flossing and brushing.

Here’s what you can expect when you visit our practice:

Dental Cleanings & Oral Exams

Regularly scheduled 6-month dental cleanings with a dental hygienist, combined with a dental exam with the dentist, is the best treatment for screening for tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer.

Dental X-rays

Annual dental are interior images of your gums and teeth to help your dentist identify current or possible future issues, such as decaying teeth, impacted teeth, etc.

Flouride Treatments

Dental fluoride treatments are applied to the teeth in order to reduce the risk of cavities and improve the health of the mouth.

Oral Cancer Screenings

An oral cancer screening test is recommended annually using a Velscope scanner. This is a valuable addition to your routine dental visits.

Emergency Dental Care

Emergency visits can hopefully be avoided with routine dental care, yet when you have an acute toothache you can count on us to take quick action to relieve your tooth pain and fix your dental problem.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Maintaining your dental health and showing your brightest smile can be a journey when tooth decay, mouth structure, and tooth misalignment all need to be managed. That’s why we help you design a comprehensive treatment plan that meets your physical and cosmetic needs, and show your brightest smile!