You Can Straighten Teeth Discreetly With Chapel Hill Orthodontics

If you’re embarrassed about your crooked, overlapping teeth or gaps in your smile, we wouldn’t be surprised if you decided a long time ago that getting braces was out of the question. Nobody, outside of junior high, wants to wear metal brackets and wires, even if it means having the smile you’ve always wanted. Our Chapel Hill orthodontics just might change your mind!

At Meadowmont Dentistry, you can pursue more discreet alternatives that will:

  • Move your crooked teeth into proper alignment
  • Allow you to maintain your appearance and lifestyle
  • Deliver the same cosmetic benefits as standard braces
  • Optimize your chances for a lifetime of good oral health
  • Give you a more attractive, confident smile you’ll love

Don’t believe us? Come and explore our orthodontic options for yourself! We offer solutions that are great for both teens and adults! Call 919-969-9330 today.

Choose A Metal-Free Orthodontic Solution

Because we invest in ongoing training and cutting-edge technology, we’re able to offer a broader scope of restorative and cosmetic dental solutions than ever before. That includes our modern alternatives to conventional orthodontic treatment – so older teens and adults can have the beautiful smile they deserve without the trappings of metal braces.

We can help you decide which of our discreet orthodontics options will suit you best, such as:

  • Invisalign – Skip brackets and wires, and straighten your teeth with clear removable aligners. Wear them over your teeth and watch them work to improve your smile in as quickly as 12 months. Take your aligners out when it’s time to eat, brush, and floss. Maintain your normal diet, routines, and appearance with Invisalign, an invisible aligners system that’s so hard to spot, most people won’t even know you’re wearing them.
  • Clear Braces – If you do need brackets and wires, you can go metal-free with ceramic or clear plastic braces that are especially matched to blend in with your smile. They’re less noticeable than metal braces, but just as effective in straightening crooked teeth.

Feel confident about your decision with our digital smile preview, a way for Invisalign patients to get a sneak peak at what their smile will look like at the end of their treatment!

It’s time to stop feeling insecure about your smile and start doing something about it without having to resort to metal braces. Call Meadowmont Dentistry at 919-969-9330 to schedule an appointment for orthodontics in Chapel Hill.

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