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Pediatric Dentistry

Your Trusted Dentist for Children The Local Kid's Dentist of Choice

Here at Meadowmont Dentistry, we provide an excellent environment and experience for children of all ages. Our goal with every young patient is to educate them and help them develop the best lifelong habits for their oral hygiene. From proper care for baby (primary) teeth to encouraging the healthy development of adult teeth, we do it all with distinction. Plus, our friendly team, from our dentists to our hygienists to our office staff, know how to talk to kids of any age, put them at ease, and make them feel excited about their oral health.


Our approach to pediatric dentistry

The Meadowmont Dentistry team has the experience and skill needed to be your top choice for your local kid’s dentist. It starts the moment you step in our door. We’ve created a welcoming and relaxing office environment with a warm, personable team that will make sure your children never feel intimidated. We’ll engage you and your children, no matter how young they might be, and work to build their confidence and skills related to dental hygiene. They’ll leave excited for their next visit! Our dentistry services for children include:

Regular Cleanings & Exams

Routine visits to the dentist should start around the time of your child’s first birthday. If this sounds a little premature, think again! It’s never too early to start reinforcing proper hygiene and monitoring their mouth’s proper development. Young children are actually very susceptible to cavities and tooth decay, and they progress very quickly in baby teeth. That’s why it’s important to start regular checkups and cleanings by the time your kids turn one year old. Plus, we want them to have a positive first experience with us so they’ll look forward to a lifetime of future dentist visits.

Fluoride & Sealants

Because kids’ baby teeth have thinner, weaker enamel than adult teeth, it’s important to protect them properly. Just because they’ll lose their baby teeth within a few years doesn’t mean they shouldn’t receive attention and care. In fact, baby teeth are a critical guide for adult teeth, so losing baby teeth to decay could cause alignment issues in adult teeth. We offer pediatric fluoride treatments that strengthen baby teeth enamel and help them resist decay. We also provide dental sealants for kids, which are plastic coatings that seal the small grooves on chewing surfaces and block bacterial growth. These treatments go a long way toward helping ensure your kids’ baby teeth stay healthy until they fall out as a natural part of dental development.


Everyone who has spent time with kids knows how accident-prone they can be. Chips and minor fractures to the teeth are quite common in childhood. We can repair these chips and small cracks using tooth-colored resins that restore the appearance and function while protecting the sensitive inner soft tissues from bacterial infection that could cause more serious issues in the future.

Root Canals & Surgical Procedures

It’s important to save baby teeth when possible to help promote proper alignment of growing adult teeth down the road. That’s why pediatric root canal procedures can be key to your child’s long-term oral health and appearance. Our oral surgical specialists can perform a full range of endodontic and other procedures on children and teens of all ages, so we’re your source for all of your family’s needs.


About Meadowmont Dentistry

Meadowmont Dentistry is a full-service family dentist located in the heart of Chapel Hill, NC’s Meadowmont Village. Our friendly team of dentists and hygienists and our relaxed, welcoming office environment make us the premier dental specialists in the local area.