At Meadowmont Dentistry, we believe you deserve the best dental care and are pleased to provide you with the most cutting edge dental technology available.  Dental CT scans represent the latest and most advanced technology available in dentistry today. There are times when traditional dental x-rays are inadequate and do not give us enough information for an accurate and truly comprehensive exam and diagnosis.  When needed, a dental CT scan can provide crucial 3D images and details to help our doctors make the proper diagnosis and deliver ideal, comprehensive care.

Experience the Most Advanced Dental Technology

Thanks to the power of cone-beam CT imaging, in less than 30 seconds we are able to get a full 3D image of patients’ teeth, jaws, TMJ, airway and sinuses!  The process is similar to a traditional panoramic dental x-ray – quick, easy and within minutes the images are evaluated by our doctors. We review your results with you that day and answer any questions you may have.  No waiting days or weeks only to have to return for a separate appointment!

What is a Dental CT Scan?

Dental CT scans use a very specific type of technology called cone-beam tomography or CBCT.  The actual x-ray beam is in the shape of a cone and allows for a more focused field of view with excellent detail and accuracy while keeping radiation doses/exposure extremely low. The scanning equipment and process is almost identical to a traditional dental panoramic 2D x-ray.  As the scanner rotates around the head, it takes hundreds of images that are then stitched or pieced together to give amazing 3D detail of the teeth, jaws, TMJ, airway and sinuses all in 1 image!

Why Do I Need a Dental CT Scan?

Visual exams and traditional dental x-rays are helpful but often cannot show us everything we need to see. To give our patients the correct diagnosis and allow us to deliver the highest level of care possible, there are times when only a 3D Dental CT image will give us the level of detail and accuracy we need. There are many diagnostic and treatment benefits provided by 3D imaging.  Dental CBCT allows our doctors to detect oral infections/cancers/tumors/pathology at their earliest stages, evaluate and treat various TMJ and airway/sleep apnea issues, and deliver safe and precise oral surgery care such as removal of wisdom teeth and placement of bone grafts and dental implants. This way our patients get the best treatment outcomes and highest success rates possible in the least amount of time and all with minimal to no discomfort!

Dental CT Scans Mean More Accurate Diagnosis

Successful treatment and treatment outcomes all starts with a proper diagnosis of the problems and issues at hand.  If you feel that you have a complex problem or even just some basic concerns about your oral health, don’t delay – call us today!  At Meadowmont Dentistry, we feel our patients deserve the very best and we are here and ready to help give you the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve!