Meadowmont Dentistry is your leading dentist for advanced dental implants in Chapel Hill, NC. We are your preferred specialist for comfortable and natural-looking tooth replacement. We offer surgical tooth restoration that feels and functions like your natural teeth. This premium procedure is a step above the usual dentures or bridges. With dental implants, you can eat, speak, laugh and perform sports with ease and confidence. Dental implants are completely safe and will last you for years. Our dental implants make use of cutting-edge technology and are your best choice for long-term and cost-effective tooth replacement.

Your Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth

Dental implants are permanent tooth replacement solutions. The implants offered by Meadowmont Dentistry are both secure and comfortable. We offer a medical-grade, titanium fixture that fuses safely into your jaw bone. This forms a natural anchor as sturdy as your original tooth. Once set, there is no slippage, no pain, and no interference. You can eat, laugh and sleep in confidence.

Replacement for One Tooth or Complete Smiles

We offer dental implants for a single tooth or multiple teeth replacement. We can even replace your full set of upper or lower teeth. Our onsite lab designs tooth implant to look and feel compatible with your remaining set of natural teeth. We will model this tooth in line with the shape and color of your natural teeth so you won’t notice the difference.

Dental Implants Maintain Your Youthful Facial Structure

Do you know that once you lose a tooth, your face will begin looking older? This will start a downward spiral where your remaining teeth will become misaligned. This will then slowly lead to jaw bone loss. This natural erosion will give your face a “sunken,” older look. Dentures and bridges are common, affordable solutions, but in the long run, they are cumbersome. Dentures slip, move, and must be fixed with adhesives daily. Dental implants are your smartest investment. With a fully functioning set of teeth, you can eat nuts, fruits, and meat without interference. As the dental implant fuses with your jaw bone, it will help to maintain your youthful facial shape. Dental implants allow you to keep your teeth in your mouth, not in a cup! You can brush and floss your teeth in confidence, as dental implants feel and function exactly like your natural teeth. When properly cared for, your dental implants can last you a lifetime.

Dental Implants Protect your Healthy Teeth

Cavities can’t happen in an implant tooth. However, you will still need to brush and care for it same as with natural teeth. As compared to a tooth-supported bridge, dental implants protect your healthy teeth. There is no need to anchor into your healthy teeth as dental implants attach right into your jawbone. Dental implants will prevent your healthy teeth from moving out of place, which is the usual scenario when there is an empty space in between your teeth.

A Life-Long Solution for a Dental Replacement

Specialized dentists recommend dental implants because they are low-maintenance and long-lasting. You are assured of a long-term, successful outcome, making dental implants the best solution to achieve that perfect smile. Learn more about how you and your smile can benefit from dental implants. Talk to one of the friendly staff members at Meadowmont Dentistry to find out more about the dental implant process and to schedule your consultation.