Good news! Dental treatment at Meadowmont Dentistry just got even more comfortable with the addition of our iTero Element 2 Scanner. iTero is an intraoral scanner with new digital technology so incredible that it replaces the need for traditional impressions. Dentist offices usually make dental impressions by having you hold that tray material in your mouth for a minute or two, sometimes more than once if it didn’t come out right the first time. Then they use those impressions for your future crown, bridge, night guard, Invisalign, or other intra-oral appliance. It’s messy, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s one of a patient’s least favorite parts of a dental visit, but iTero replaces all of that with its advanced digital integration technology. Find out more about how patients and dentists are both able to benefit from this incredible new scanner.

Benefits of iTero include the following:

  • iTero is highly detailed and more precise than traditional impressions.
  • The process of using digital scans is faster than taking an impression, capturing 20 scans per second, and can be electronically sent off to the lab chairside.
  • iTero is mess-free and requires no impression material, leaving you much more comfortable.
  • Appliances created with an iTero scanner return from the lab faster, getting you to your customized treatment goals quicker.
  • Fit issues occur seven times less with iTero, meaning it’s much more likely to get it done the first try, without experiencing any discomfort.

How does it work?

With the use of an intraoral wand, iTero safely captures digital scans of your teeth and gingival tissues (your gums). This non-invasive approach lets your dentist quickly and accurately get the information you need to move ahead with your treatment plan. The images show up on a monitor, creating an accurate 3D model. These pictures can be sent out to the lab much quicker than pouring a model from your impressions and shipping it. This less intrusive method eliminates discomfort and improves speed and accuracy for the dentist. The digital integration technology with the lab allows your scans to be received electronically. From there, the lab uses the flawless 3D model to create your customized intraoral appliances.

iTero also features time-lapse technology that allows the dentist to show you how things are going with scans taken throughout your treatment. This additional data can help the patient visualize abnormalities such as gingival recession over time or note progress from orthodontic appliances like Invisalign. This visual comparison enhances your understanding and participation in your treatment.

Why we chose to integrate iTero into our practice

Meadowmont Dentistry is proud to bring you the best quality care and are committed to equipping ourselves with the latest and most advanced devices in the industry. We chose to integrate this new technology to improve your experience with us by minimizing discomfort, wait times, and allowing you a visual experience in the process of your treatment with us. iTero makes for one more reason why we’re your preferred choice in dental care in the Triangle. Get in touch with the friendly team at Meadowmont Dentistry today for more information on the iTero scanner and to request your consultation appointment. We also offer Invisalign at our office and are always accepting new patients, so be sure to ask for more information on available dental services.