Should YOU Be Worried?

Last year in America alone, $130 billion dollars was spent on dental care and it is expected to climb to $203 billion by the year 2027!  While some of this was spent on regular 6-month check-ups and cleanings, the lions share was spent to fix and repair smiles ravaged by 3 primary culprits.  Two of these are easy to guess – obviously we are talking about cavities (which can eat away at your teeth) and gum disease (which can cause bone and soft tissue to melt away)….. but can you guess the third?

Although less well known, this silent killer can strike suddenly and quickly leave a tooth “not fixable” and in need of extraction!  And to make matters worse, this silent killer is hard to detect, often causes no pain (no warning signs) in the early stages and can be caused my several different risk factors!

So who or what is the third culprit….. any guesses?

It’s both your and your dentist’s worst nightmare – TOOTH CRACKS!   


Why are cracks so awful?  They severely weaken teeth and allow bacteria to easily penetrate in towards the nerve!  If not caught early, extensive dental work may be necessary to save or fix a broken tooth; sometimes the crack may be too severe and result in loss of the tooth!

Just how worried should you be?  According to recent studies, 70% of Americans have at least 1 cracked tooth and likely don’t even realize it!  How at risk are you of being part of the 70%?  The most common causes or risk factors for developing a cracked tooth are:

  • Clenching/Grinding – Common, uncontrollable habits that most of us do at night in our sleep; triggers include stress and sleep apnea
  • Large silver/mercury fillings – Over time, these old filling materials expand and contract with temperature changes and are notorious for causing cracks in teeth
  • Biting Pain – The #1 symptom caused by cracks in teeth and should be evaluated by your dentist asap!
  • Chipped/Worn Teeth – Teeth showing these signs are obviously getting “stressed” more than they should be…. High chance of cracks present as well…. Get these evaluated asap!
  • Trauma – As you would expect, any trauma to a tooth has the potential to cause cracks
  • Diet/Habits – Ice, hard candy, nuts and things like biting our nails or opening things with your teeth are all bad and can easily cause cracks in teeth

Thankfully, when caught early, a cracked tooth can usually be fixed or saved!  If the crack was small and very shallow, a bonded resin filling may be all that is required to repair a tooth.  More than likely, a dental crown or tooth cap is the ideal treatment to help reinforce, strengthen and protect a tooth against further damage and allow for normal function and nice esthetics.

Protect Yourself – minimize your risk of a cracked tooth (or worse, losing a tooth!) – call to receive your complimentary evaluation at Meadowmont Dentistry.  If you are part of that 70% of Americans with a cracked tooth, the sooner we can help the better!  Don’t risk needing a root canal or losing a tooth! Call today! 919-969-9330