Dental Implants – the GOLD standard for replacing missing teeth

While the distant future of dental health may eventually involve the capacity to literally “regrow” or “regenerate” a severely damaged or completely missing tooth, such a medical miracle is not likely to happen anytime soon. But not to worry – we already have the ability to replace a missing tooth in a way that provides near identical function, comfort and esthetics as that of a real tooth!

Believe it or not, recent studies estimate that approximately 178 million people in the US are missing at least one tooth; nearly 50% of Americans ages 65 and older have lost six or more teeth, and 20% have lost all their teeth. These figures may seem high, but unfortunately, there are many things that can cause or lead to the loss of a tooth.

Sometimes, a tooth (or multiple teeth) just never form – they are congenitally missing. Poor oral hygiene (which, unfortunately is quite common even in modern day America) can lead to tooth loss very quickly via rampant tooth decay, infections, abscesses and bone loss. Trauma to the teeth from things like clenching/grinding, and of course injuries or accidents involving blows to the face/teeth can also cause irreparable cracks and damage to teeth that result in tooth loss as well.

And now you can find out how Meadowmont Dentistry can help you resolve any of these issues more affordably than ever before.

Is it important to replace a lost tooth?

The answer to this question is almost always – YES! Consider the consequences of not replacing a missing tooth – tooth loss will always cause the following compromises:

1. Difficulty Chewing – less teeth to chew with will always result in loss of function

2. Bone Loss – in contrast, placement of a dental implant will help preserve bone

3. Poor facial/smile esthetics – “holes” in a smile are rarely attractive

4. Speech problems – teeth play a critical role in our ability to speak properly

5. Unwanted tooth movements/shifting – adjacent teeth can move out of alignment very quickly

Dental Implants Are The Solution!

So what exactly is a dental implant? A dental implant is a medical grade, titanium screw that is surgically placed into the jawbone (under the gum line) at the site of a missing tooth, to serve as a tooth-root replacement.

Once placed, the implant itself fuses with the bone and serves as an excellent anchor or support for crowns, bridges and even partial or full dentures. Dental implants have proven to be highly successful (studies show 95 to 98% success rates) and typically will last a lifetime with proper oral hygiene and careful maintenance!

Most importantly, they offer many benefits and prevent the aforementioned 5 most serious/harmful consequences associated with tooth loss. Implants restore the ability to chew and speak, they help preserve bone, restore ideal esthetics and help prevent unwanted shifting of adjacent teeth! In addition, one enormous advantage that dental implants/crowns offer over other alternatives [like traditional bridges] is the fact that they can stand alone and do not need to be linked to other teeth in order to function properly.

This also allows for better cleansability and easier long-term maintenance! And finally, for patients with partial or full dentures – which can often be unstable and loose – implants can be utilized to provide additional support to greatly increase the stability, comfort and overall function of these types of removable, tooth-replacement prostheses.

Whether a tooth is lost due to a big cavity, or an accident or maybe it just never formed, thankfully modern-day dentistry offers multiple replacement options. Replacing lost or missing teeth is almost always a good idea.

Meadowmont’s dental implants are the true GOLD standard that can provide near identical function, comfort and esthetics as that of real teeth, and here you’ll find payment options you can afford!

If you or a loved one have a missing tooth [teeth], contact us at Meadowmont Dentistry – let us review your unique situation and discuss your goals and treatment options to see if dental implants are right for you! Do not wait for all the frustrating compromises to happen to you – call us today! [919-969-9330]